Welcome To Mezzanine Productions


dfal-comics-lounge-60-of-87Every corporate video production has a different and very specific application.

Whether it’s staff training and support, product launches, new pitches, public awareness or events and promotions, our corporate videos are tailored to meet your exact need.

Our creative director Stig Wemyss, comes from a film making background and applies his knowledge and expertise as an actor, director and writer to his passion for bringing a cutting-edge approach to corporate video.

We develop a concise and thoughtful shooting script that will capture the imagination of its audience and still remain true to your company’s brand and core values.

Mezzanine Productions has produced corporate videos for some of Melbourne’s most elite companies, including Government Departments like the TAC where sensitivity around the subject matter is paramount, right through to advertising agencies and small businesses looking to communicate their message in an exciting and innovative way.

Talk to us about getting your message across through intelligent, thought-provoking corporate video, in-house video, training DVD’s, web videos and promotional films that will inspire your staff, excite your clients and highlight your brand.